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Getting Started with your SiteManager

GateManager account validation

1. Check your mailbox for the email with subject  Secomea Starter Package.
2. Save the attached file (and unzip the .gmc certificate file).
3. Follow the link in the email to the login screen.
4. On the login screen, browse for the .gmc certificate and
login with the password from the email.

How to login to the GateMananger


Then you need to decide how to set it up and what kind of internet you will use.


1. Configure the SiteManager - 3 ways

Configure a SiteManager via USB stick

Configure a SiteManager via the Appliance Launcher

Configure a SiteManager via DEV port


2. Type of Internet connection.

Decide your Uplink (WAN) connection method. Choose between LAN, WIFI or 3G/4G. Click on the symbols for more detailes.

1. Ethernet available for any model (Locate an Ethernet cable with internet access and insert into the Uplink1 port).

2. WiFi available for xx49 models or via an WIFI adapter (Requires a wifi access point in the area).

3. 3G/4G available for xx39 models or with an external USB modem(Requires a standard size SIM card with datasubscription).   

Video guide to setting up your Hardware SiteManager



Video guide to setting up your Embedded SiteManager


Download Getting Started guides

Download Getting Started guide - UK

Download Getting Started guide - DE

Download Getting Started guide - FR

Other languages: (currently applicable to using LinkManager 7)

Download Getting Started guide - DK

Download Getting Started guide - IT

In depth guide


Other guides

Setting up an agent

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Getting Started with your Secomea solution