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How to Install SoftClient as a service


This article will provide information on how to install SoftClient as a service. This may be useful if you always want users to connect to the TrustGate.


It is possible to make the SoftClient run on a Windows account that has restricted rights (non-administrator). Currently the procedure is as follows for both Windows 7 (32 or 64bit) and Windows 10 (32 or 64bit):

1) Log on as administrator and install the TrustGate SoftClient.

2) When the client is installed, install the softclient as service by the following command:

> “%ProgramFiles%\secomea\TrustGate SoftClient\TGSoftClient.exe” -install

this will install the client as service, and you can now log on as user level and the softclient will start in silence.

Note that the TrayIcon will not be available if running as service. It does not help trying to start the TrayIcon manually. But everything will be available from the EasyTunnel-Server and GateManager.

The user can check the installation by the following commands:
> route print
– this should show the installed tunnels as routes to the network and:

> ipconfig
– the TrustGate SoftClient should show and IP address acc. to the virtual IP address.

If you need to browse the admin WEB interface of the TrustGate SoftClient from the local PC you can use the url:
> (Username = admin // PW = used when you installed the SoftClient )

This requires that you create an additional Local network in the EasyTunnel Server as follows:
> VPN > EasyTunnel > Local Networks:  Network = Subnet Maks =

Note that this address is always the same for all TrustGate SoftClient

Command for uninstalling SoftClient as service:
> TGSoftClient.exe -remove

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