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LinkManager 7 Troubleshooting


This guide will provide information on what to do when you are having issues installing or running LinkManager.


There are many causes for why LinkManager may not be able to run on a computer. This can be everything from Antivirus software that are not allowing LinkManager to start, to  virtualization support that has not been enabled in the BIOS of the computer.


Blue Screen of death (BSOD)

  • “Device Guard” in windows. Try to disable this. ( https://www.tenforums.com/tutorials/68913-enable-disable-device-guard-windows-10-a.html )
  • If Virtualization (VT-x) is enabled in the BIOS, a BSOD can occur if you are running Virtual PC guest systems while you start the LinkManager on the Host system (LinkManager includes a component that uses VBox). Disabling the VT-x in the BIOS may solve the problem. If VT-X is enabled don’t run VirtualPC while running LM. If VirtualPC has been started once you need to reboot the PC or starting LM even if no VirtualPC is running might still generate BSOD.

“LinkManager Adapter” Will not install during installation.

  • We have seen that it was needed to login with the true Windows Administrator (And installing the LinkManager) (Having administrative rights as a user wasn’t enough)

LinkManager Icon staying yellow (Starting LinkManager...)

  • Some people experience that when they start up LinkManager, the LinkManager icon in the tray stays yellow and LinkManager wont start. There can be many reasons that LinkManager wont start up, but the most frequent are:

    1. Uninstall LinkManager and install the newest version that can be downloaded from: https://kb.secomea.com/helpdesk/KB/View/25546329-downloads-linkmanager
    2. Personal firewalls on the computer.
      1. Try disabling the firewall on your computer, usually the build in firewall from Windows is the only active firewall, but sometimes Antivirus software will have there own firewalls build in.
      2. Some firewalls will still retain the blocking function when its disabled, in these cases temporarily uninstalling the firewall would be a great way to test if its the firewall that is creating the issues.
      3. Solution if Firewall is the issue(1): If you can run LinkManager when your Firewall is disabled or uninstalled then you would need to add LinkManager.exe to a non block list. The process of adding a program to a non blocking list is different on all vendors of Firewall, Please consult your IT department.
      4. Solution if Firewall is the issue(2): Make sure that your personal Firewall has opened up for UDP port 8888 (all addresses, including broad cast) and TCP port 3. The process of opening ports is different on all vendors of Firewall, Please consult your IT department.
    3. Antivirus Software.
      1. Some Antivirus Software will prevent LinkManager from starting up, Try disabling it.
      2. Some Antivirus software wont allow you to disable it, or it will say that it is disabled when in fact it is still restricting LinkManager from starting up. In this case a great way to test if its the Antivirus software that is creating the issues is to uninstall it temporarily.
      3. Solution if Antivirus is the issue: Ensure that Antivirus components is not blocking the LinkManager.exe application or the LinkManager virtual adapter. The process of adding programs and network cards to a non blocking list is different on all vendors of Firewall, Please consult your IT department.
    4. Other VPN services.
      1. Ensure that you do not have any third party VPN clients running you the computer that you are trying to run LinkManager on.
  • Sometimes the LinkManager adapter will not receive an IP address. (LinkManager adapter gets a APIPA address " 169.254. XXX.XXX") Un-ticking strange protocols under the network interface properties may relieve this issue.

LinkManager will not start, cmd.exe error.

If you get an error with cmd.exe popping up and a message saying that you don’t have any program associated could indicate that no standard browser is defined.

For Windows 10 - Go to the Windows Start menu and click the Settings icon. Click System, then choose Default Apps on the left pane.

Connectivity issues with some 3G providers.

It may be the 3G modem presents it self to Windows as a PPP interface. This is seen in some regions for Vodafone subscriptions. In this scenario LinkManager will have problems resolving the GateManager IP from the DNS name inside the certificate. You should solve it by issuing a LinkManager certificate that uses the GateManager IP address instead of the DNS name. You can verify the IP address by simply pinging the dns name (e.g. “ping gm04.secomea.com”), which will resolve the GateManager IP address.

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