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One-time Password


This article will provide information on the new One-time Password that was put into effect with GateManager Release 9.0


With the One-time Password, the following have changed with GateManager Release 9.0

  • New users are REQUIRED to change their password on the first login for all the account types.
  • It is no longer possible to manually set the password as GateManager Admin in the GateManager portal.
  • For GateManager own users, it is required that the GateManager can send emails.
  • By default, the One-time Password lasts 48 hours.

1: To Renewing an account password login with a GateManager Account and choose the account that needs to have its password renewed.

2: A mail will be sent to the user, containing the One-time Password

3: Go to the GateManager Portal, and use the new password to log in.

4: A prompt to chose a new password will appear.

5: If the new password is approved, it will log in.

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