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GateManager - Domain Administrator


The intended audience is Domain Administrators.

It will guide you through the tools used as a Domain Administrator.


This will give you advanced GateManager features, such as:

  • Create subdomains for easier overview within your domain.
  • Restrict access to certain devices for specific users by “drag-n-drop”
  • Distribute messages for LinkManager users, which are displayed to the users logging into LinkManager
  • Display service messages for all your LinkManager users
  • Create alerts and receive notifications when a LinkManager user connects, or a SiteManager loses its internet connection
  • Create actions where you can handle multiple SiteManager’s configurations with a single click
  • Create and administer co-administrators for GateManager Portal access

Article collection

First time GateManager login

SiteManager backup configuration

Accessing the Web GUI of a SiteManager

Organize equipment in domains

Understanding Audit logs

Working with Alerts

Working with Actions

Combining Alerts and Actions

Working with the Replace Appliance function

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