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Organize equipment in domains


This article is intended to show how to organize equipment in domains and provide LinkManager access to specific equipment for limited user access.

The intended audience is Domain Administrators.


One of the key features of the GateManager is the ability to create domains for organizing equipment based on purpose, access level, customer, location etc., and then create accounts for which differentiated access to the various domains are defined.
If we take a look at our example we have the LinkManager user Rose who, due to being created in the root domain (SecomeaVar), has access to any device that may appear in this domain and any sub-domain.

For this exercise we, therefore, want to do the following:
1. Create some domains, and move device agents configured on the SiteManager “SiteA” into these domains.
2. Move LinkManager user “Rose” to a sub-domain and grant her access to the agent “Printer Web GUI” only.
3. Create a new LinkManager user “Jeff”, who will have access to both the agent “Printer Web GUI” and also the agent “Printer Print 9100”, but he should not have access to the SiteManager itself.

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