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Grant domain access to LinkManagers using “Joined Domains”


Part of Organize equipment in domains article.


11. We select the account icon for Rose on the right and we drag it into the domain that the account should have access to.

12. We now select account “Jeff”, and do the same for his account. But for Jeff we join him to both the “Printer GUI” and the “Printing Access” do-main.

The end result is that when Rose logs in with her LinkManager, she will be able to access the Printer GUI domain only and connect to the “Web GUI” agent only:

And when Jeff logs in, he has access to both domains and subsequently both agents:

Creation date: 09/12/2019 21:16 (skr@secomea.com)      Updated: 29/03/2021 11:46 (jmp@secomea.com)