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Working with Actions


Intention of this article is to introduce the administrator to automatic Actions in GateManager

Intended audience is Domain Administrators.


With Actions, you can perform firmware upgrades, restore configuration backup’s or parts of configurations and/or rebooting appliances.
An Action is only performed on selected appliances so there is no danger of creating a firmware upgrade action. You cannot break anything by applying the wrong firmware to an Appliance.
Appliances will not be upgraded before the appliance is selected. How-ever you can combine Actions and Alerts (see next section)

To create an Action, remember to select the Actions Icon at the top to make Actions visible in the tree view. Right-Click on the domain where the action should be created.

Upgrade firmware on multiple appliances:
1. Create an Action for all models (TrustGate or SiteManagers) and fill out the information like so, making allowances for differences in product and/or release:
Note: if there is no firmware listed, then contact the GateManager Server Administrator – firmware maintenance requires Server Administrator rights.

2. Now click the Selected Appliances tab and select the appliances you want to upgrade

3. Press the Save Changes icon to execute the action.
Appliances that are currently not connected will automatically be upgraded the next time they come online.


GateManager configured and SiteManager configured and attached to GateManager.

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