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SiteManager - Connection requirements


This article will provide information on what requirements there are for setting up a SiteManager.


All a SiteManager needs to connect to the GateManager server is an outgoing TCP connection on port 80,443 or 11444. It is however recommended that both port 80 and 443 are open to the GateManager Server.

A great way to test this is to set up a Computer on the connection that is meant for the SiteManager. Then try to connect to the GateManager Server using a Browser. If you get a connection then the SiteManager should be able to connect to the GateManager.

Document describing our security

However, if there are any network shaping appliances* installed on the network that the SiteManager is connected to, they might create issues for the SiteManager being able to connect to the GateManager. Make sure that the traffic from the SiteManager to the GateManager is not altered by any devices on the Customer network.

For more Troubleshooting tips please see our troubleshooting guide: Trouble_Shooting_SiteManager_to_GateManager_Access.pdf

*network shaping devices meaning devices that do the following:

  • Compress connections to the internet
  • Remove normally "unnecessary" parts of network packets
  • Devices that disallow encrypted traffic
  • Web-proxies
  • Firewalls with application layer blocking
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