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Universal Robots - ARCS

This article contains all you need to know to get started with ARCS (Airgate Robot Communication Solution) for your UR3, UR5 or UR10. The ARCS software is designed to get Remote access for your Robot interface as well as SMS notifications for various "Stop" events.

The ARCS Software is developed by Airgate , and distributed through the Secomea distribution channel.

Remote connection happens securely through the Secomea solution.

Download Concept PDF for the Universal Robots solution

This article contains the following steps:


You need to have a Secomea GateManager account and a LinkManager Mobile account.
The following equipment is needed:

  • Secomea SiteManager (With internal 3G/4G modem if you want the SMS function)
  • Universal Robot
  • USB Stick
  • Mobile phone that can receive SMS

If you are a new Secomea customer that has received a Starter Package, please go through our "Getting Started" guide here before continuing with this article: https://secomea.com/starter-package/

Ordering the ARCS License Key

The ARCS software requires an activation Key. This key should be ordered through your local distributor or Point of purchase.

You can also try the 7-Day free trial! It requires that you already have a SiteManager & GateManager account.

When ordering the License key, you need to have the Serial number of your robot ready:

To Aquire the Serial number of your robot, click about on the main page of your tendant.


When the order is completed you should receive an email containing the License key for the ARCS software:

License from email:
Ordered Airgate license key(s):
Old Robot Sr. No.    |    New Robot Sr. No.    |    License Key
|         2014339999         |    68892e215bb23cf9

Download the ARCS urcap

You can download the latest ARCS urcap (Software for the Robot) from the below link:

Download Arcs Urcap version 2.1.2

Release notes on the ARCS urcap can be found here:

Release notes


  • Transfer the ARCS urcap file to a USB stick.
    A standard FAT formatted USB stick should work. For more info on creating a USB stick for your robot, please visit Universal Robots support site. www.universal-robots.com/support

  • Insert the USB stick containing the file in the UR Tendant or inside the controller of the robot:

Install the ARCS URCap on the Robot

Setup Robot -> URCaps

Click the Add ( + ) and Select the USB Disc.

Select the arcs urcap file. Open and finally restart the robot.

The ARCS Software is now installed.

Configuration of the Secomea SiteManager

We assume that the SiteManager is already configured to connect to the Secomea GateManager. Make sure the following configuration is done:

From your GateManager portal, select the SiteManager and click "SiteManager GUI"
Note down the IP address of the DEV1 port (In this case

Go to the Maintenance -> Password and set the Admin password.
Note it down (In this example the password is admin1234)

Go to GateManager -> Alerts and make sure the settings are as below:

Go to GateManager -> Agents. Create a new agent. Select the "Universal Robots" agent and specify the IP address of the robot.

With SiteManager firmware OLDER than 7.3 you will have to specify the VNC parameters as shown on the picture below:

Install the Secomea SiteManager inside the robot

It is not necessary to install the SiteManager inside the robot. However it is a possibility. The SiteManager can be installed in the side or the bottom of the controller box with the optional UR KIT.

Connect the DEV1 port of the SiteManager to the Ethernet of the robot.

(UPLINK can be used for internet connection)

Setup the network of the robot

Set the IP Address of the Robot. The IP Address should be what previously was configured in the SiteManager agent configuration. be in the same scope as the DEV port of the SiteManager.
In this example the DEV1 port of the SiteManager has the IP and the Robot

ARCS: License Key

On the Robot, go to Program Robot -> Installation

Select the "Airgate Robot Communication" in the left pane. Select the "License Key" field and enter your license key previously obtained through the email from Secomea License Portal. See the Ordering the ARCS License key

After a successful validation of the license key, the Airgate GUI will appear and the License key field will grey out.

ARCS: Main Configuration

License Key: Grayed out if License key is valid.
Admin password: The admin password of the SiteManager
Robot Name: The Name of the Robot (Will appear in SMS notifications)
IP Address: IP Address of the DEV1 port of the SiteManager.
Subnet: Subnet mask of the network

ARCS: Setup Users & Events (SMS Notifications)

The SMS Notifications allows users to get a notification/alert if the Robot is stopped. It also gives the users the possibility of checking in/out to the active list of users who should receive alerts.
In order to use the SMS notifications, you need to setup users as well as events.

Setup Users

Fill out the user details and press "Add" .
The user will receive a welcome message

The users can use the following SMS commands:

IN: Check in to the "active list"
OUT: Check out of the "active list"
STATUS: View check in/out status
LIST: See list of users


When the user is created you can see the status of the user. Checked in/out. You can edit or delete the user. When there is more than 7 users, you can click on the "Next >>" to see the next page.

Setup Events

You can choose between the following events:

  • Emergency stop
  • Protective stop
  • Safeguard stop
  • Fault
  • Violation
  • Any stop

The message can be 160 characters long.
Select which user that should be bound to which event.


When the event is created you have the possibility to edit or delete the event.

When there is more than 7 events, you can click on the "Next >>" to see the next page.

Now when any event is triggered, the users that are checked in will receive an SMS.

ARCS: Enable Remote Access (VNC)

To enable "Remote access" enter the Remote Access tab.

When enabling the remote access (VNC connection) you can specify a password and for how long the connection should be open. The Remote Access light will turn green to indicate it is enabled.

Connect with Secomea LinkManager Mobile

When the Remote Access is enabled, it is possible to login with your LinkManager or LinkManager Mobile and control the robot.

LinkManager Mobile
Login to your LinkManager mobile by entering your GateManager address in a browser:
Example: https://demo-gm.secomea.com/app
Select your Robot agent. (In this example: UR3)

Press the VNC button. Now you can choose the secure in-browser VNC or you can switch to an external VNC viewer of your choice.

Below is an example of the secure in-browser connection with an iPad.

ARCS: Programming example

Below is an example where we use the SMS feature inside the programming of the UR Robot.

ARCS: Useful information (FAQ)

Lights Description

ARCS Service:
Red: If the ARCS Service isn't running.
Yellow: Seen under startup of service.
Green: ARCS-service running.

Red: No SiteManager responding on the configured IP.
Yellow: ARCS can see the SiteManager, but the Admin password is wrong.
Green: ARCS connected successfully to the SiteManager.

Red: UPLINK2 on the SiteManager is not connected.
Yellow: UPKLINK2 on the SiteManager has "Limited connection".
Green: UPLINK 2 is connected with good connection.

Remote Access:
Red: N/A.
Yellow: Remote access disabled.
Green: Remote access enabled.

Additional Links:

Link to UR+ Website
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Link to Working with LinkManager Mobile
Link to How to SSH through LinkManager Mobile or GateManager Portal

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