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Understanding Data Collection Cloud by Secomea

Data is a company´s most valuable asset!

Why is that? The definition of Data Collection is gathering and measuring data in Real Time from targeted variables in an established system. The ability to long term analyze, be able to see tendencies, perform preventive and predictive maintenance based on actual data instead of approximated or theoretical data. Gain actual insight in your machines performance.

Collection of data today ensures that it is available for analyzing today and tomorrow. Data Collection will also enable optimization tools, such as Overall Equipment Effectiveness. 

By using Secomea Data Collection Cloud with your SiteManager, you are collecting and visualizing data from your machines in a matter of minutes.

Why Secomea Data Collection Cloud (DCC)?

• No upfront development cost

• Simple and modular dashboard setup to suit almost all the needs of visualization

• Shows spot-on where and when to take action to improve volume, quality, cost and predictability.

• Provides common goals between different work layers and its management.

• It’s a universal communication tool and hierarchies can cooperate and make improvements.

• Helps make the right pro-active decisions and focus priorities based on actual data.

• Improves work life, strengthens team spirit, both for operators and managers.

Secomea provides you with the entire chain from collecting the data, over pre-calculations on the data, storing the data to in the future to deliver some simple tools for seeing the performance of your install base.

Data Collection completes the full maintenance circle in one system by Secomea:

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