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Data Collection Troubleshooting - SiteManager tools

Purpose of this article is to demonstrate useful troubleshooting tools.

First a check list:

In SM check:
  • Agent
  • JSON config
  • Certificates
  • NTP
  • DCM Status
  • Log view
  • Status extended

In DCC check
  • Company
  • account
  • GM access (LMM)

In GM check
  • LMM user


In the SiteManager there is different tools to help you troubleshoot the DCM setup:

  1. " DCM > Status " page is a great tool to see the overall health of your setup.
  2. " Log > View " is useful for tracking errors and the reason.
  3. " GateManager > agents " can show you if the DCM config and agents config match.

Status page (DCM > Status):

The status page consists of

An overview on the right. Here you can click to go to the corresponding section.

In the center you see various sections, the first 3 sections are a general overview of the configuration.

Subsystem configuration

Edge ID: is the device ID you enter in the IoT clouds to identify the specific device.

Store&forward database statistics


Collectors and sample-points

Next section is all about the Collector(s)

First part is a general overview of the collector

(Here is shown overview from a collector named "sim", "sim" is also the value mentioned in the agent parameter details)

Then one section per sample-point configured for the collector.

(Here it shows that data is not reaching 2 of the 3 clouds configured,

also evident in the Alarms section)

Another example of a Collector and sample-points with error,

notice the "Inactive" status next to the headline

Data servers

First a dataserver in error state, notice the (Inactive) status and the zero's.

A second dataserver in error state, notice the 399 connection fails

And finally a working dataserver, but 2 messages hasn't reached the cloud.

Log page (Log > View):

DCM Log entry examples:

Nov 14 06:18:51 (none) user.info datasrv_aws[1094]: datasrv_aws: sawtooth: Error(-4) connecting to a1cn4k05gzdtcl-ats.iot.eu-central-1.amazonaws.com:8883 as Sc002636:demo-gm.secomea.com - will try again in 237 secs

Nov 14 06:19:53 (none) user.err collector_modbus[1097]: collector_modbus: S6116: Cannot modbus connect: Operation now in progress

Nov 14 06:22:06 (none) cron.debug ACM[1040]: Stop DCM agent 0x300040: " dcmcn=S6116 dcmpn=502"

Nov 14 06:22:06 (none) user.err ssfd[1059]: ssfd: New Alarm: Stopping collector: S6116

Nov 14 06:22:07 (none) user.info ssfd[1059]: ssfd: aws_iot: Process 1097 was killed with signal 9

Nov 14 06:22:07 (none) user.err ssfd[1059]: ssfd: aws_iot: Collector "S6116" died

More details are shown in log if debug is enabled.  (Log > Setup > "Enable debug"=yes)

Creation date: 11/12/2019 14:10 (skr@secomea.com)      Updated: 20/04/2021 09:34 (jmp@secomea.com)