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Connecting SiteManager Embedded


This article will provide information on how to setup SiteManager Embedded to make it connect to a GateManager.
This is the step by step written tutorial - the video tutorial can be found here .


SiteManager Embedded (SM-E) is the software that you place in your remote location where you would want to gain access to a device.
It is easy to set up, easy to use and easy to configure both remote and locally.


Machine with SiteManager Installed - For information on how to install SiteManager embedded, see the following articles:
Installing SiteManager Embedded on Windows Step by Step Tutorial
Installing SiteManager Embedded on Ubuntu Step by Step Tutorial
Installing SiteManager Embedded on Windows Video Tutorial .

Access to the PC where the SiteManager Embedded is installed.

Step by Step Guide:

  1. You will need to be at the start page of the website embedded, if it is not already open you can open it by finding the “SiteManager Embedded” application on your pc and clicking it.

  2. On the site find and click the “Fix” button as seen below next to the arrow.

  3. You now need to enter the GateManager Address (1), Domain Token (2).
    You can also change the Appliance Name (3) to something more fitting for your setup.
    See the picture below for the numbering of where to input the information.

  4. Press the “Save” button.

  5. If the GateManager address and Domain Token are correct, it should look like the picture below.
    If you do not have the “Not Attached!” message – please verify that your “GateManager Address” and “Domain Token” information is correct, for more information on the port requirements see this article .

  6. Now login to the correct GateManager with a user who has access to the “GateManager Domain” to which you set up the SiteManager Embedded connection.

  7. Once logged in select the new SiteManager Embedded – it will have the name you gave it in “Appliance name” in step 3 – see the picture below for reference on how it looks like.

  8. On the right side of the GateManager after selecting the correct SiteManager Embedded you will need to select a license type in the “Select License Type” dropdown field – see the picture below.
    If you do not have a license, please order this via your point of purchase

  1. Once you have selected the correct License Type - click “Bind license and attach here”.

  2. The license is now attached to the SiteManager Embedded it should almost look like the picture below.

  3. Click the “SiteManager GUI” Button to go to the SiteManager Embedded configuration site

  4. Your setup page should now look like the picture below, if they are all green your SiteManager is now correctly set up and ready to use.
    Note: By default, there will be an agent created that opens for RDP or VNC access via LinkManager, as such you can immediately connect via RDP or VNC to the windows machine over the LinkManager Application.
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