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SiteManager Embedded access with SSH


A walkthrough of how to remotely access a device with SiteManager Embedded installed using an SSH connection.


You will need a SiteManager Embedded online with an attached license in your GateManager domain. SSH must be activated on the agent and the device(PC).

Guides here for SiteManager Embedded with VNC and RDP

How to install SM-E on Windows here

How to install SM-E on Ubuntu Linux here

How to install SM-E on Raspberry here

Make sure you have access to GateManager Server address and Domain Token with a SiteManager Embedded License attached to it for creating agents. (Guide here)

Example on how it could look like below.

SiteManager Embedded downloads can be Found here.

You can make the connection from the GateManager, LinkManager and LinkManager Mobile.


Agent Setup

For the SiteManager Embedded the make sure SSH agent is configured.

Choose default action for Go-To Device buttons.

You can select a connection method. Press Light bulb for selection.

Make the Connection from the GateManager/LinkManager

Press the SSH button and PuTTy will open a login screen

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