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Can I still use LinkManager 7 on my PC?

Important note: As of LinkManager 8 v9.3 LinkManager 7 can no longer be installed alongside LinkManager 8.


This article will illustrate how to switch between LinkManager 7 and LinkManager 8


Please note that the 2 LinkManager version CANNOT run concurrently, but they can both be installed simultaneously on the same windows machine.

What's the difference?

LinkManager 7 runs in a Virtual box inside your Windows PC, while LinkManager 8 runs as a service. both use the same virtual Ethernet adapter.

How to run LinkManager 7 with LinkManager 8 already running

  1. Right-click the LinkManager 8 tray icon and click Exit.

  2. Double click the LinkManager 7 icon.

  3. The LinkManager 7 will now startup and launch the browser User interface:

  4. Login, and start using the LinkManager 7

How to run LinkManager 8 with LinkManager 7 already running.

  1. Exit your LinkManager 7.

  2. Log in with your LinkManager account on your GateManager.

  3. Click the green arrows and LinkManager 8 will start and be ready.


  • If you see this pop-up, your LinkManager 7 is still currently running.

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Can I still use LinkManager 7 on my PC?

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