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Can I define which com-port to use for serial connection ?


This article will help answer this commonly asked question


Yes, in LinkManager you can predefine the COM port used for serial communication.

  1. Right-click the tray icon
    (might be hidden, click the ^ symbol in the Windows system tray).

  2. Select "Options"

  3. And type in the com port number you wish to assign to the serial port emulator (com0com)


Changing the COM port while connected to an agent is not recommended

Some other factors can have an effect on a successful change or set of the COM port but not covered here.

If you experience issues changing the COM port you can try a reboot of the PC – the only guaranteed solution to release a COM port in Windows.

You can always monitor the actual COM port setting by searching for the “com0com” device in the Windows Device Manager.

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