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GateManager 4260/9250

We can hereby inform of the EOL (End-Of-Life) milestones for the GateManager hardware models 4260 and software version 9250 follows:

  • EOL date: December 31st 2019 
  • EOS (End of Support) date: December 1st 2020 ( The last date to receive service and support for the production, product according to the warranty policies. After this date, all support services for the products are unavailable.
Background for this EOL:
GateManager is essentially a standalone application designed for running on a Linux platform in a Datacenter or on a Cloud platform.
The 4260 and 9250 were designed for fast deployment of the GateManager application by non-Linux literate personal, by packaging the GateManager with an OS.
The primary objective for our EOL decision is linked to the constantly increasing Cybersecurity focus from customer’s IT departments and the general increase in 
Cybersecurity attacks on Internet facing equipment. Secomea can no longer guarantee patching of the underlying Linux OS in a pace that we feel is required to assure optimum Cyberattack prevention.

 We acknowledge that some Linux experience is required for installing and operating a GateManager 8250, compared to a 4260 or 9250, but we feel the following additional arguments generally favor the 8250 as the preferred choice:

1. IT departments have full control of the patching of the Linux OS, and for choosing supporting application such as an SMTP server of choice, or SSH access controlled via public keys etc.

2. GM 8250 is designed for 3rd party hosting providers aided by the cloud.conf file concept introduced with release 7.2, allowing complete segregation of GM administration (via the Admin UI) from the platform and network administration (OS, IP address management, Backup, Failover etc.)

3. GM 8250 can still be upgraded easily from within the Admin GUI, without any involvement of IT or without knowledge about Linux.

4. GM 8250 allows for applying virtualization plugins on the OS, for hypervisors (Virtual Machine Monitors) to maintain the server instance. This typically includes storage management, automatic backup, restore, failover and load balancing and various surveillance features.

5. The GM 8250 platform is much better suited for exposing APIs to backend systems. With GateManager release 9.0 the CRM API was introduced for 8250, allowing backend systems to control functions in the GateManager, such as creating domains and accounts, moving appliances and licenses, controlling account access to domains etc.

6. In Q4 2019, Secomea launches an optional GateManager Service program for GM 8250 GateManager installation on either the customers own servers,
or a customer server hosted by Secomea. This will allow customers to receive experienced and dedicated assistance and support for maintaining a stable and secure GateManager installation. Contact Secomea for more information.

Creation date: 21/01/2020 12:47 (Jnm@secomea.com)      Updated: 22/01/2020 10:11 (mit@secomea.com)