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Check Older Password Feature.


This article will provide information about the new Check password feature that will be put in effect with GateManager Release 9.2.

This Feature will allow for a stronger and stricter password policy for both GateManager and LinkManager Accounts.


This article will provide information about the new "Check Password" feature introduced with GateManager 9.2.

This feature makes it possible to check if the user has previously used the same password previously and when changing passwords.

The guide will cover two parts. Part one will be about how to use the setting on a GateManager Server level, and part two will be specific about how the feature is enabled and used on a domain level

Part 1:

The number of most recent passwords is configured server-wide on the GateManager via the configuration parameter "Check Older Passwords". 
The default is set to 3 older passwords.

On Secomea Hosted GateManager the default option will be used and cannot be changed.

On GateManager OWN servers, this setting can be changed.

Note: This feature will use more CPU to check the number of passwords, so it's recommended to keep the number low.

Part 2: 

To enable this feature the "Enforce Password" has been enabled in the Domain Settings.

You can read more about the enforce password option here:

Now when an account changes the password, the new password will be checked against the configured number of previously used passwords.

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