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Option to disable external VNC viewers for GTA connections - GateManager Own only


This article will provide information about how to block VNC functions. Available from GateManager Release 9.2 and only for GateManager Own users with a Server Administrator account.


This feature makes it possible to disable connections for external VNC viewers like REAL Vnc, Tight and Ultra when using the GTA (Go To Appliance) button. Read more about Go to Appliance (GTA) buttons here.
Note that external VNC viewers are still supported when connected via LinkManager.

As a GateManager owner I now have the option to block external VNC Viewers, so users cannot make uncrypted GTA VNC connections.

The Server Administrator Account have access to this new feature "Enable External GTA". The checkbox is found under Server > Config > GTA settings.

Default is "on" (checked) and it should behave as usual.

Uncheck it and the user will only be able to connect with the In-browser VNC viewer when using the GTA button.

It will affect all users on the GateManager.


1. What it looks like for a LinkManager user.

Login on your account and Press(1) the Lightbulb. The old preferred VNC viewer Tight is not available anymore, only In-Browser VNC viewer on the GTA button itself. However, if you connect with LinkManager it will work with an external VNC viewer.


2. LinkManager Mobile user view

Most affected is the LinkManager Mobile user,

Normal view for the VNC button with the Use External Viewer button available.


3. After unchecking the Enable External GTA, the Use External Viewer button is gone.

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