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How to Create Accounts in GateManager


This article will show you how to create a new account in your GateManager domain.


To create accounts in a GateManager domain you will need to have an Administrator account.


Log in to your domain with an administrator account and follow these steps to create a new account.

1: Right-click on the domain you want to create the new account in
2: Click "Create Account"

You have now started the creation of a new account and will automatically be forwarded to the [New account] page.
Here you need to fill out the following:

1: Name of the account 
2: Type of the account
3: Name of the Person using the account
4: Email which the credentials will be sent to
5: Select which type of authentication is used when logging in to this account (default is Certificate/Password)

6: Click Save to save the account and send mail to the user with credentials

The new account has now been created and the user should have received a mail with credentials and information on how to log in.
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